What Are Some Tips for Practicing for the CAHSEE Math Test?


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Some tips for practicing for the math portion of the CAHSEE include using a study guide to reinforce specific concepts that appear on the test, sectioning out specific time to study for the test and taking practice tests beforehand. Students should also place additional emphasis on troubling mathematical concepts.

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The CAHSEE is a test that all California high schools students must pass as part of the state wide graduation requirements and includes sections covering numerous concepts within the fields of language and mathematics. Specifically, the mathematics section tests students on their ability to solve problems within the various sections of algebra, including sections that deal with rounding values, fractions, exponents, measurements and graphs. One of the most efficient ways to study for this section of the test is to use a test preparation book or worksheet, which includes practice problems that focus on the exact standards of the test. The California Department of Education also publishes numerous study aids on its website.

In addition to reading through study materials, it is often helpful for students to take full practice tests that simulate the actual exam. This not only aids in reinforcing the concepts but makes students familiar with the testing environment and format. When studying for the exam, students should dedicate additional time to focus on any concepts with which they struggle or have issues comprehending. It is often possible to meet with a teacher or tutor to further study such topics.

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