What Are Some Tips for Passing the NCLEX Exam?


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The best way to prepare for the NCLEX exam is to learn the material covered by the exam, suggests Nurseslabs. Students should take special care to seek out examples of "select all that apply" questions, as they can be particularly troublesome test items.

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A positive attitude is essential to performing well on the task. The presence of SATA questions signifies that the Computer Adaptive Testing has placed the test-taker on a higher track and that she is doing well, states Nurseslabs. SATA questions should be treated as true/false questions, in which the test-taker examines each element of the question and determines whether it does or does not apply. Each potential choice should be treated independently and should not be linked to the other items. There will always be more than one correct option, and it is extremely rare that all of the options will be correct, states Nurseslabs.

Each question should be carefully examined to determine exactly what is being asked of the student. Watch out for extreme or absolute options that use phrases such as "at all times" or "all of the time," as these are more likely to be incorrect. Students should also take care to not spend too much time deliberating over a single question. When unsure of an answer, the test-taker should complete it to the best of her ability and move on to the next question.

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