What Are Some Tips for Memorizing a List of All the Presidents?


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Tips for memorizing a list of all the presidents includes using mnemonic devices and songs and associating facts and images with the names. Because there are many different kinds of learners, individuals may need to try multiple methods before discovering what works best for them.

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A mnemonic device is a word, phrase or sentence using parts of the information a person wishes to learn. One way of using this device to memorize U.S. presidents is to break the list of presidents into groups of 10 and then developing different mnemonic devices to memorize each group. An example is the phrase "William's ants just made Mike and Jessica vanish." The first letter of each word in the sentence corresponds to a president: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, followed by Adams, Jackson and Van Buren.

Songs are another way to memorize U.S. presidents. Individuals can either find existing songs using the names of the presidents or create their own lyrics based around an existing song to help the information stay in their heads.

Facts and image association are another way to memorize the names. By figuring out a specific image or fact associated with a specific president, it may be easier to memorize the presidents than it would be by using just their names. Studying flash cards with these images and facts can help with this method.

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