What Are Some Tips for Memorizing Basic Medical Terminology?


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Tips for memorizing basic medical terminology include making a flash card for each term, making up fun memory games, and identifying the familiar Greek and Latin word roots, according to Bryant & Stratton College. Students can also create a memorable image to accompany each term or split each word into parts and identity the meaning of each part. To avoid mental overload, students should memorize only a few terms at a time.

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When memorizing basic medical terminology, students can reinforce the meaning of each term by seeking out multiple information sources, such as online quizzes, online flash cards and lecture notes from other medical classes, suggests the American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education.

Students who struggle with medical terminology can try memorizing when they are most alert, advises The University of Utah School of Medicine. Investigating each term and understanding the full meaning can also help with memorization. Rather than trying to focus on terminology for long periods of time, students designate small blocks of time to practice memorization. For difficult words, students might aid memorization by making up a silly song or rhyme that includes the full term or smaller sections of the word. During a test, humming the melody can make it easier to remember the meaning.

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