What Are Some Tips for Mastering College Math?

Tips for mastering college math include faithful class attendance, taking detailed notes and reviewing them often, visiting the professor or a tutor when a concept is unclear, practicing effective test-taking skills, and solidifying understanding of concepts missed on the test. Do not get behind in assignments, and make sure you understand the concepts.

Class attendance and participation are crucial to success in college math. College courses cover material much more quickly than most high school courses, so even a single missed class is potentially harmful. Math is a subject in which one concept builds upon another. Take detailed notes and copy examples to review later.

Look over notes and examples from that day to recognize any points of confusion early in the process. Seek extra help when you first do not understand a concept. Professors and tutors are excellent resources.

Good test-taking skills increase chances of success in college math. Study over a period of days rather than cramming the night before a test. Get enough sleep the evening prior to the test, and do not go to the test hungry. If the test involves memorized formulas, jot them in the margins as soon as you get your test paper while they are fresh in your mind. Answer the questions you know first, working on the more difficult ones later, and check your answers when you are finished with the test.