What Are Some Tips on Making a Medical Hardship Letter?


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One tip for writing a medical hardship letter is to keep it under one page if possible. Letters longer than one page run the risk of the writer diluting his case and losing the interest of the reader.

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The first paragraph of the hardship letter should specify exactly what the writer is requesting. The writer should rephrase this request in the concluding paragraph of his letter.

Another tip for writing a medical hardship letter is for the writer to make it very personal. By including information about himself, his family and his situation, the writer helps the reader to empathize with him as a fellow human being, making it likelier that the reader grants the writer's request.

The letter should include a brief description of the writer's problem near the beginning the letter to get the reader's attention. Later paragraphs should include more details about what the writer is going through.

When providing these additional details, the writer should be as specific as possible about his medical situation and his financial situation, because this helps the reader see exactly what his situation is. The writer should include documents such as bank statements, income tax statements and invoices to provide evidence of his situation.

The overall tone of the letter should be humble and gracious. The writer should be courteous to whom he is writing and not blame others in the content of the letter.

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