What Are Some Tips for Learning to Write in Cursive?


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Learning to write in cursive takes practice, and it is best to practice cursive for 15 minutes a day. It is also best not to learn the letters in alphabetical order but instead to learn them in groups according to their formation. For example, 'a', 'c', 'e' and 'o' are often learned together because they are all based on the counter-clockwise circle. It is also a good idea to practice writing joined up patterns of letters rather than individual letters.

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It is often easier to learn cursive using a felt tip or gel pen rather than a pencil because they allow for fluid strokes. Children may find practicing cursive more enjoyable if they use a pen that they especially like using. When writing in cursive, avoid gripping the pen because this produces jagged and jerky letters rather than smooth, flowing letters.

Another tip is to have children practice writing in cursive more slowly than they write print letters because this helps them learn the letter strokes. Practicing writing on ruled or graph paper also helps children form consistently sized letters. Good posture is also important for writing in cursive: sit with feet flat on the floor, a straight back and relaxed shoulders.

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