What Are Tips for Learning Vietnamese?


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People interested in learning Vietnamese can take group classes, find a private tutor or use language software programs to become fluent speakers. It is important that the person immerses himself in the language either by visiting Vietnam or finding a group of people who accurately speak Vietnamese.

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What Are Tips for Learning Vietnamese?
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Vietnamese is considered a tonal language, meaning that many words are spelled the same but mean different things depending on pronunciation. This is why group classes in which a teacher can correct pronunciation and tone are a good option. A group is also a beneficial place to converse with others, which is a helpful practice to understanding the way the language sounds. Classes are usually available at a university or Vietnamese community center.

Private tutors can be a bit pricey, but allow the person learning the language to have one-on-one attention with a knowledgeable speaker. Tutors can be hired through universities, community centers or acquaintances who speak the language. Once one understands the basics of the language, he can build grammar skills and vocabulary by listening to audio of the language or recording his lessons, thus enabling him to listen as often as necessary. Language software programs are useful for this, and are also beneficial because they allow a student to progress at his own pace.

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