What Are Some Tips for Learning Urdu?


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Some tips for learning Urdu include getting accustomed to the Urdu alphabet, identifying similarities to your native language, practicing Urdu vocabulary, reading text in the language and practicing writing every day. As with any secondary language acquisition, allocating enough time for study is a key element in gaining fluency.

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The Urdu alphabet has 38 characters to study that also carry specific sounds used to build words, so knowing how to interpret the letters increases a student's learning rate. Going over Urdu vocabulary is vital because repetition reinforces the unfamiliar words. Vocabulary studies also include developing a broader base through the regular introduction of new material Flashcards are a useful memory tool for this task and can also help recalling the masculine or feminine case of Urdu nouns. Students can also visit Urdu dictionaries online to review lists of commonly used words.

Reading and writing are two sides of the same coin, but both must be maintained regularly. Two methods to practice reading are reviewing the news where presented in Urdu or reading fictional stories by Urdu authors. Maintaining a personal diary in the language, posting on online forums or keeping up a correspondence with a native speaker are potential ways to write in Urdu every day.

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