What Are Some Tips for Learning the Mandarin Language?


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Some tips for learning Mandarin Chinese include deciding whether to learn traditional or simplified characters, taking an immersive course and finding a one-on-one tutor to help with the language. Deciding early on whether to learn the traditional or simplified version of written Mandarin is an important early step that largely depends on an individual's goals with speaking Mandarin. For someone interested in living and working in mainland China, the simplified characters are much more practical.

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Learning Mandarin Chinese can be difficult for English speakers because of the challenges of learning a new set of characters, but there are similarities in the construction of sentences in Mandarin Chinese and English. Many online resources can make learning Mandarin much simpler. Sentences in Mandarin Chinese follow grammar rules similar to the rules of English, with each sentence containing a subject, a verb and an object.

Starting with an immersive program to learn Mandarin is an excellent way to build a strong foundation in the language. It can help to instill grammar rules and build an understanding of Chinese characters. By building on this foundation, Mandarin learners can take what they have already learned and expand upon it. Immersion, either in a classroom setting or through living in a Mandarin-speaking area, also reduces the speaker's urge to fall back on her native language to communicate.

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