What Are Some Tips to Learn About Decimal Places?


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Decimals are common in currencies, weights and measures. The number on the left of the decimal point is a whole number and the one on the right is a fraction based on the number 10. With consistent practice, they become easier to work with than fractions.

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When adding or subtracting decimals, place decimal points such that the numbers after the decimal point are in the same line. Multiplying decimals is the same as multiplying whole numbers. When multiplying decimals, do the multiplication without considering the decimal points, then place the decimal point in the answer in such a way that the number of decimal places is the sum of the decimal places in the numbers used in the multiplication.

To divide decimals, move the decimal point to the right of the divisor to make it a whole number. Move the decimal point the same number of places in the dividend. After calculations, place the decimal point in the answer by counting the number of digits after the decimal point in the dividend.

To change a decimal into a fraction, put the decimal part as a fraction with one as the denominator. Keep multiplying both the numerator and denominator by 100 until the numerator is a whole number.

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