What Are Some Tips for Improving English Speaking Skills?


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Tips for improving English speaking skills include reading aloud in English, using one new English word per day and listening to English to learn pronunciation and expressions. Frequent practice is the most important factor in improving speaking skills, as it builds confidence and improves pronunciation.

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A person learning to speak English can read stories in English newspapers or magazines aloud. Hearing himself speak the language helps him spot mistakes and determine which words give him difficulty. By using one new English word per day, he slowly builds his vocabulary with words that he knows how to pronounce and use correctly. He can listen to English songs or watch English television shows and movies to hear the language. This develops his vocabulary and shows him how the language is naturally spoken.

He should use simple sentence structure when he is learning the language, so the person he's speaking with understands him. Slang should be avoided until he is sure of its correct usage. He should experiment with the English he knows, particularly when speaking with native English speakers who can correct any wrong words he uses.

Patience is important when learning a language, as everyone makes mistakes and forgets words. If a person forgets a word, he can fill the conversation with a sound, such as "um" or "uh." These are also used by native English speakers when they are thinking of what to say.

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