What Are Some Tips to Improve Reading in Third Grade?


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Reading out loud to children daily is linked with greater reading comprehension and vocabulary. Most importantly, this habit can reinforce the child's desire to read.

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What Are Some Tips to Improve Reading in Third Grade?
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When reading out loud to their children, parents should follow the words they are reading with their fingers. This helps children understand the basic conventions of reading. Children who learn to read for pleasure enjoy faster reading improvement. Keeping age-appropriate reading material readily available around the house sets the stage for elective daily reading.

Children typically have a sense of curiosity about nature and the broader world outside their homes, and tapping into this curiosity is important. Providing books that are educational yet fun for the child can encourage elective reading. Modeling plays a critical role in teaching reading or any other skill. The more children see their parents read, the more they see reading as an important and relevant skill.

For third graders, reading can seem like an abstract and difficult skill that is not immediately useful. To combat this perception, parents should involve their children in shopping, cooking, and other daily activities associated with reading. Families can help new readers by establishing one evening per week as a reading night, a night when video entertainment is minimized or eliminated altogether. As early as possible, parents should communicate with children through notes and encourage written responses.

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