What Are Some Tips to Improve Children's Reading Skills?


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A few tips to improve a child's reading skills include regularly reading aloud to him and giving him or her access to a lot of age-appropriate reading material. Other ideas include having a time set apart when the entire family reads silently to themselves and encouraging them to read things outside the home, by themselves.

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Reading aloud improves the reading skills of children as young as preschoolers to as old as pre-teens. It helps them with improving their vocabulary and understanding the meanings of words in different contexts. Giving a child a lot of books or even starting a membership at a local library is another way to improve reading skills. These tactics entice the child to begin reading when they are bored, and children who have a lot of books often get better grades on standard tests.

Children who are encouraged to read menus, billboards, road and shop signs and directions for games also show significant improvement in their reading abilities. An important aspect is not to overload the child or expect too much from an unwilling or uninterested child. This can prove to be totally counterproductive. If a young child does not seem to be naturally interested in reading, ensuring that he is able to do what is required at his level of schooling should be adequate.

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