What Are Some Tips for Hungarian Immigrants Learning English?


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Tips for Hungarian immigrants learning English are to practice consistently, make English-speaking friends, download great language apps and listen to English speakers. They may also hire a private English teacher to help them improve their conversational skills.

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Practice is the best way for Hungarian immigrants to learn how to speak English. Practice helps immigrants learn speaking techniques and to notice and correct their mistakes. This makes them more confident when they speak in English. They should also practice speaking to themselves in English in front of a mirror. They should listen carefully to what they are saying and note mistakes so that they can actively avoid them.

Making English-speaking friends helps Hungarians to practice their English and to correct their mistakes. Listening to English speakers helps them to learn how to properly pronounce certain words. They should also listen to English audio books and television or radio programs to learn grammar and pronunciation.

Language applications that can help Hungarian immigrants to learn English include Memrise, Busuu and Duolingo. There are also websites that have games, tests and resources to help Hungarians sharpen their English skills. Hungarian immigrants who need to learn English fast can hire a tutor. Tutors help immigrants to learn English grammar and speaking techniques faster.

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