What Are Some Tips for Home Schooling During Kindergarten?


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Some tips for home schooling kindergartners are to be sure to understand local and state laws, to research different curricular and educational approaches before determining the best fit for the child, and to connect with local resources for support. Talking to other parents and connecting with a local home-schooling community is a good way to learn about options and different approaches, according to PBS Parents.

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What Are Some Tips for Home Schooling During Kindergarten?
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During kindergarten, students begin to learn to read and write while showing different levels of readiness at different times. To support this process, Successful Homeschooling recommends that home-school lessons should be simple and move at a pace that is comfortable for the child. Nursery rhymes, story-telling and talking to children in complete sentences can all help kindergartners learn about words and sounds as they begin reading on their own. It's a good idea to start with simple words, having children write out numbers, letters and names. While engaged in play, parents can practice using counting numbers up to 20 and introduce the basics of addition and subtraction.

Organized play dates, group activities and classes through children's programming at a local library can all serve as opportunities for socialization and interaction. These activities augment home lessons and provide home-schooled kindergartners the chance to develop friendships and practice communication skills.

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