What Are Some Tips for Good Student Council Speeches?

Some tips for writing a Student Council speech are to remember that it is a persuasive speech in which the speaker needs to sell himself to his peers so that they vote for him. The candidate should include an attention getter, introduce himself, list his qualifications and tell the group what he plans to do if they vote for him.

In most high schools, students are voted on to Student Council by their peers. They are usually required to give a speech that is one to two minutes in length. The speech is persuasive in nature as candidates are trying to convince their peers to vote them on to the Council.

An attention grabber is a great way to start the speech. A statement or rhetorical question usually catches the interest of a group of students that are attending the assembly and may not be focused in on the speeches. Next, the speaker introduces himself by name and grade within the school. The speaker should also tell the crowd what position they are running for and list his qualifications of why he feels he is cut out for the job. For example, someone running for a presidential role should be a great leader while a person running for treasurer needs to be responsible with money and good at counting and math.

Next, the speaker should highlight what he is going to do for the group if he is elected, for example, discuss the changes he plans to make to improve the lives of the students in their school. He should be realistic and avoid making promises he cannot keep. A great finishing line for the speaker is to reiterate his name and the position he is running for and to ask the audience to vote for him.