What Are Some Tips for a Good First Day of School?


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One tip for having a good first day of school is to prepare for school the night before by setting out backpacks and discuss the morning routine so that children and parents know what to expect on the first day. To have a good first day of school, a child can also practice scenarios with parents about how to help a shy child fit in or how to politely ask the teacher a question.

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The child can role play with parents or siblings about what to say to new friends. Many children's books, such as "The Night Before Kindergarten" by Natasha Wing, tackle the topic of the first day of school, and parents and children can read these books together in order to answer questions about what to expect. Parents can help children with the first day of school by arranging play dates for new and old friends in advance of the first day so that children are comfortable with friends when the first day arrives. Another tip for having a good first day of school is to review class schedules so that students know when to change classes or when to expect breaks, lunch and recess.

For a teacher, a good first day of school includes setting classroom expectations. It is important to enforce classroom rules on the first day of school so that students know they must follow these rules. Teachers can help students have a good first day by greeting each child individually and welcoming the children warmly to the classroom. Students who participate in team-building and introductory games on the first day of school often appreciate the opportunity to make new friends during class instruction time.

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