What Are Some Tips for Good Birthday Speeches?


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To write a good birthday speech, obtain the required background information to help create a speech specifically tailored for the occasion. Background information includes items unique to the celebration, such as the nature of the birthday celebration, the type and number of people invited, the theme of the party, the tone of the language and the suggested length of the speech.

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A birthday speech should be kept simple. It should include a short introduction, the main body of the speech to expand on the theme and a quick conclusion. Keep the audience in mind when writing, and keep the speech appropriate for all listeners. If the birthday is marking a special milestone, make it memorable with the help of appropriate quotations. To make the speech more personal and touching, focus on the individual traits the guest of honor has, and refer to their future goals, hobbies and core values. If the birthday is for an elderly person, the speech can reflect their past, their passions and their current work. Consider how the person has grown over the years and how they have impacted other relationships. The birthday speech should celebrate the life of the person having a birthday and leave a lasting impression on all in attendance.

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