What Are Some Tips for Finding a Spanish Tutor?


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Finding a Spanish tutor can be done online, via local organizations or public service agencies, through a church or religious organization, by contacting local history and culture organizations, and through newspaper ads. Include as much detail in the search as possible and specify any preferred dialect if applicable.

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When searching for a Spanish tutor, begin online. Through an online search, it is possible to seek out reputable sources in your community and on the web that help narrow the options. Once narrowed to several choices, additional caveats can be included, such as goals for learning Spanish that may help the student and the tutor connect on a personal level; relevant information about any special needs of the student, such as learning disabilities; or general information, including age, gender and current education level.

There are a number of crowd-sourcing communities, such as Italiki, that provide deep discounts and initial free-tutoring sessions in multiple languages, including Spanish regional dialects, if the student goes with an online option. If students are seeking additional experience to Spanish tutoring, include details in the search for a tutor with a specific religious or cultural background; many online tutoring sites provide such details in their tutors' portfolios.

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