What Are Some Tips for Finding a Qualified Kids' Tutor?

Find a qualified tutor by talking to a child’s school, considering peer tutors, contacting nonprofit organizations and seeking recommendations from friends or family members. Tutoring can be a significant step to improving a child’s academic performance, so choosing a good tutor is vital.

Contacting school administrators is a useful first step for parents seeking a tutor. Schools typically offer information on private and group tutoring, whether through the school itself or a private company. The school may also be able to recommend study groups, after-school programs and other tutoring resources available on campus.

For many students, a peer tutor of a similar age can be just as effective as an older, likely more expensive private tutor. A student from the same class who has a better grasp of the material can act as both a friend and a study buddy. Similarly, organizing a study group is a way to help kids strengthen academics and build social bonds.

Many nonprofit and academic organizations, such as the YMCA or local colleges and universities, offer community tutoring services for children. Many of these programs hire college undergraduate and graduate students as tutors, and these individuals are all specialized and highly knowledgeable in their fields.

Seeking recommendations from friends and family members is another way to find a qualified tutor. Parents of similarly aged children may have experience hiring tutors, and they may be able to offer advice or provide specific recommendations.