What Are Some Tips for Finding Free Math Tutors for Kids?


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A good way to find free tutoring services for kids is to go to a local public library. In many states there are free tutoring services offered in person or as an online service at public libraries. Internet tutoring services can often be accessed through the library website on a home computer or a library computer. At some public libraries, in-person kindergarten through 12th-grade tutoring is available during specific posted hours that may be listed on the library's website.

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In addition to tutoring at public libraries, there are many websites that offer free step-by-step tutorials and detailed instructions in math and other core subject areas. These programs include Khan Academy, Math Pickle and Paul's Online Math Notes. These programs allow students to address specific areas of instruction that they find challenging, regardless of the grade level at which the material is typically introduced. The websites provide instructional videos, solved sample problems and test problems to help students learn and practice skills.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, many students qualify for free tutoring services offered either by private tutors, for-profit tutoring companies or nonprofits, such as community organizations. The local school district is required to provide information about tutoring services that are available to students who qualify for free tutoring services.

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