What Are Some Tips for Finding Math Printables for Second Graders?


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One of the ways to find math printables for second graders is to check educational websites, such as HomeSchoolMath.com, TLSBooks.com and MathWorksheets4Kids.com, that provide downloadable and printable worksheets for primary-school kids. Primary-school teacher's resource websites sometimes offer downloadable worksheets for teachers and parents.

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HomeSchoolMath.com is an online educational site that provides learning materials from kindergarten to fifth grade. The site offers math worksheets on mental addition and subtraction, clock reading, money, place value and geometry. The worksheets come with answer keys and can be printed directly from the browser.

TLS Books and Math Worksheets 4 Kids offer free learning materials for kids at different learning levels. Unlike the plain and straightforward worksheets available from Home School Math, both sites use themes, games and graphics on their math printables. Most of the worksheets are in black-and-white and have spaces designated for coloring purposes. Math Worksheets 4 Kids also provides interactive free math test practices for primary-school students. The test runs on Adobe Flash Player.

Some resource websites for grade-school teachers provide free teaching materials for second graders. Math-Drills.com offers thousands of free math printables covering different topics, including single-digit and multi-digit additions to geometry worksheets. Parents and teachers can choose from general use printables or select a specific math worksheet to download and print.

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