What are some tips for English pronunciation?


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Tips for learning English pronunciation include listening to spoken English often, identifying and practicing problematic sounds, and learning to recognize spelling patterns. You should practice how to pronounce every new word you learn. You can also record yourself while speaking to identify your problem areas and to improve on your English pronunciation.

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Get different English podcasts videos and listen keenly to how speakers pronounce the different words. Learn to tell the different words apart, especially if they have similar sounds. For example, you should learn to differentiate "dip" from "deep."

Identify any words that are difficult for you to pronounce, and practice them every day. For example, if your native language is Mandarin, you may find it difficult to differentiate between "r" and "l." Practice these pairs as often as possible, and pay attention to how your tongue moves when you speak. Notice how your lips and your mouth move, and correct this to pronounce difficult words correctly. You can also stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself speaking, and compare the movement of your mouth and lips to that of native English speakers in the videos you have.

Learn the different spelling patterns to understand how to pronounce words when reading. For example, the pattern "ough" is sometimes pronounces as "uff," as in "enough", or "oh," as in "though." Whenever you learn a new word and its meaning, learn its pronunciation as well.

To improve on your pronunciation, record yourself while speaking. Listen to yourself and compare how you read specific words to how native English speakers pronounce them. Try and match the stress and intonation in the videos to improve on your pronunciation.

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