What Are Some Tips for Doing Well in High School?

What Are Some Tips for Doing Well in High School?

Doing well in high school involves managing time well, finding a balance between school and social life, and being organized. Adopting good study habits also helps in being successful in high school.

Adopt good study habits throughout high school. Study often to avoid cramming when the tests are around the corner. Identify your best study method that you can use even after high school. Join a serious study group, or get a study partner for support. Be on time for classes, be attentive and participate in class discussions.

Learn to manage time well. Avoid procrastination, and finish assignments in good time to meet deadlines and to avoid last-minute rushes. Include break times in the daily schedule to get a deserved rest and as a reward for accomplishing tasks. Plan the number of activities you get involved in to avoid burnout.

Be organized in and out of class. Use tools that help in being organized, such as folders, planners and calendar reminders. Keep class notes neatly for easy access and to avoid losing them.

Be involved in other activities besides schoolwork. Being involved in extra-curricular activities helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Social activities are avenues for meeting people with similar interests. Clubs and organizations expose you to ideas that may form the basis of what you decide to do in college.