What Are Some Tips for Doing Homework on WileyPLUS?


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Some tips for doing homework on WileyPLUS are to clarify the assignment guidelines with the teacher, who is able to choose factors such as how many attempts students get at finding the right answer, and to minimize distractions before beginning a timed assignment, as students only get one attempt and limited time to complete such assignments. Students should also make sure they know the grading options the teacher has selected within the program.

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WileyPLUS allows teachers to decide whether to give students access to hints for solving their online homework problems. Links to portions of the textbook are another form of assistance that may be available, depending on the teacher's preferences. Students should adjust their study habits based on how much online homework assistance the instructor allows. For example, a student must read the entire textbook chapter before beginning a homework assignment if her teacher does not allow homework hints. However, she may be able to complete the homework after only a quick review of class notes if there are hints available in the WileyPLUS interface to help if she gets stuck on a problem.

Additionally, teachers can instruct WileyPLUS to deduct a certain number of points from a student's grade if he chooses to access the available assistance options. For instance, the student can lose one point each time he accesses a hint. If the teacher chooses to use this feature, students must decide whether it is worth losing points in exchange for help solving the problem. Conversely, they can choose to attempt answering the question without the assistance. However, this increases the risk of losing an allotted attempt if they get the wrong answer.

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