What Are Some Tips to Help With Division in Math?


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Approximate if you can, simplify before you start and multiply before dividing. Other tips for division include drawing pictures, checking the answer by multiplying and doing division by subtraction.

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What Are Some Tips to Help With Division in Math?
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Estimating and using averages makes mental division quicker and easier. However, approximations are only useful if the answer does not have to be exact. Make an approximation by making the division problem into one that is easier to work out, and then estimate the difference.

Simplifying division problems makes the numbers smaller and easier to use. Simplify the numbers in a division problem by finding common factors between the dividend and divisor. Then, divide the dividend and divisors by the common factors.

Multiplying before dividing transforms the division problem into an easier to handle multiplication problem. The tip requires you to move the decimal point to the left and then multiply by powers of 10.

Draw a picture of a division problem to get a better understanding of the problem. The picture also allows you to count objects to find the value of the answer. Division by subtraction involves subtracting the divisor from the dividend until it becomes the answer. The number that is left after the last subtraction is the remainder.

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