What Are Some Tips for Creating a Church Donation Letter?

tips-creating-church-donation-letter Credit: Dennis Jarvis/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Church donation letters that are well-written are as pleasant to view as they are to read. Therefore, write a letter that is succinct and to the point -- one that features clear, large lettering and extra spacing at the margins and between paragraphs. Convey a cordial tone while simply stating the reason for the correspondence. Let the reader know how his contribution will help the church and benefit him.

The Fundraiser Help website states that fundraisers and letter writers can add interest to the letters they write by quoting individuals who have benefited from past contributions. Quoting the recipients of the donations lends more personalization to the message as well as credibility to the letter.

For example, to solicit funds for a food bank for a church, the writer might include examples of how families have benefited from the funds, including quotes from the family members themselves. Readers need to understand both the immediacy and direct effects that their contributions make.

To provide authenticity and value to a fundraising message, quotes are helpful in establishing the importance of a donation request according to Fundraiser Help. The site adds that fundraising letters can include incentives such as donor recognition items in their requests. For example, offering plaques is one way to encourage members to contribute to a church project or fundraising campaign.