What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Witch Name?


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Witchesofthecraft.com offers the following tips for choosing a witch name: using a baby names book, using earthly words such as animals and plants, using historic names and using numerology. Witchvox.com stresses not using overly long names or names commonly used in the pagan community, such as Raven, Morgan or Rhiannon.

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According to Wicca Spirituality, a witch name must be discovered, not chosen. It says that the Divine has given everyone their true name at birth and that it simply must be discovered. A practitioner must strip away history, labels, wounds, masks, desires and fears to find their real self. Places to find a name include gems, plants, elements, gods and goddesses, animals and personal gifts.

In order to find their true name, it is recommended that Wicca practitioners use various techniques such as meditation and spell-casting. Begin the process by setting an internal goal to find a true name. Send the goal in the form of a spell or prayer to the quantum realm. Open the mind to allow the universe to answer.

Pay attention to daily thoughts and experiences. Write down messages or startling discoveries during the day. The belief is that the Divine sends hints about a person's true name and they only have to discover it.

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