What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Home Schooling Curriculum?


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Tips for choosing a home schooling curriculum include selecting the subjects to teach, deciding on teaching methods, checking curricula reviews and considering the budget for materials. The child's needs, interests and abilities are factors that affect each of these.

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State requirements, family goals for home schooling, the student's grade or learning level, and what the student wants to learn all play a part in determining which subjects to cover for the year. The teaching method or approach may differ for each subject, with a parent actively teaching some topics, but having the child do project-based learning, using self-guiding materials or attending online courses for others.

Once parents choose the subjects and how the student learns them, it's time to shop around for a curriculum – a body of course materials – for each subject. Sources include Web-based materials, downloadable items, and supplies from educational stores and mail order companies. Check reviews to find out whether they are effective for the student's learning style, easy to use and engaging for students. Make a short list of desired options for each subject, and factor in the available budget to make final decisions on which curricula to purchase and use.

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