What Are Some Tips for Buying a Smart Board for Your Home?


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Some tips for buying a smart board for your home include measuring the space where you want to hang the smart board and making it convenient to plug into your computer monitor. However, because the high-tech white boards can cost from $800 to $6,500 depending on size and model, a healthy budget and good tech-support package are also necessary.

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Interactive white boards, called smart boards, provide classroom instructors and students the technology to collaborate in real time by networking smart devices to the white board, but they're useful around the home as well. Before purchasing one, however, consider the amount of time you expect to use the board versus the cost. At $800, an entry-level smart board costs as much as a wide-screen high-definition TV.

If you’re sure you will use the board enough to justify the expense, then the question becomes how big a board you need and how many devices it will support. In addition to plugging into your computer monitor, certain models of smart boards also support tablet computers and smart phones and offer touch interaction as well as digital pens. Find a reputable manufacturer such as SMART, who vends through certified dealers, and invest in a support package that covers hardware and software upgrades and maintenance.

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