What Are Some Tips for Building Bulletin Board Displays?

tips-building-bulletin-board-displays Credit: HeshPhoto/Image Source/Getty Images

Use bulletin board displays to reinforce teaching goals and important information, place them where students can easily see them, and make them appealing so they engage students' interest. If they are interactive, make sure students can access them easily.

The subject of the display can add information to a current unit of study, as a sidebar to the main text. A periodic table for chemistry, maps or a group of pictures illustrating the biomes of the planet all function as ready references for students to check as needed. Scenes labeled with words give wandering eyes some extra practice in sight reading.

Information might include a weekly schedule, class rules or a list of things students can do when they finish an assignment. A photo collage of a class activity or field trip, or a display of student work gives students a sense of belonging and improves morale. Posting a list of top spellers or of those on the math honor roll can motivate students.