What Is a Tip for Memorizing States and Capitals?


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One tip for memorizing the states and their capitals is to associate each name with a mental image. For example, when thinking of the word "Georgia," it may help to associate the word with George, because the two are similar, and then picture George Washington on the $1 bill. To remember Atlanta is Georgia's capital, try associating the word "Atlanta" with "ant land on" and picture an ant landing on George Washington's head.

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Memory clues help people remember obscure facts. Coming up with a catchphrase for each state or capital is easier than most people think. For example, to remember that the capital of Alaska is Juneau, students can say "Do you know Alaska" in a strong Hispanic accent or "I have a hoe named Boise" for Boise Idaho.

Students who take the time to develop their own mental images, memory clues or catchphrases will have an easier time memorizing the states and their capitals. As long as a clear image is created and reviewed periodically, memorization becomes far more effortless.

Arkansas is easy to remember as The Ark from the Old Testament. Then, the student can imagine Noah putting a little rock on his ark. The student can remember Little Rock, Arkansas using this technique.

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