What Is the Ticket to Read Learning Program?


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Offered by Voyager Sopris Learning, Ticket to Read is a Web-based reading enrichment program that is suitable for helping students in elementary school improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary and fluency skills. Educators conduct placement tests to determine which level of the program is best for each student; however, the program is not designed for students who need intervention. Students are assigned user names and passwords they can use to access the program on a computer or iPad anywhere they have Internet access.

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Ticket to Read uses content from science and social studies in its reading exercises, and the program is student-paced. As they work through the program's exercises, students earn tickets as rewards, and they can use the tickets to buy virtual items in the game or gain access to additional games. Teachers are able to view reports that show how students are performing.

The program features components in both phonics and reading, and students are supposed to do both components three times a week each. Both components have instructional activities of varying levels of difficulty. The reading component features some advanced passages that require faster reading abilities than the more basic passages. Students take quizzes and measure their reading speeds, and they set goals for how much they want to improve. Some schools allow students to receive rewards or have the chance to win contests for meeting program goals.

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