Is the Third Grade Go Math Curriculum Challenging Enough for an Advanced Third Grade Student?


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Third Grade Go Math focuses on multiplying and dividing whole numbers, understanding fractions, arrays, area and two-dimensional shapes in conjunction with common core standards. Advanced students may develop their skills with these concepts by attempting increasingly challenging problems at the discretion of the teacher.

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, publisher of the Go Math books, developed its curriculum to meet the common core standards. The national standards require students in third grade achieve a minimum mastery of skills dealing with a variety of mathematical operations, including abstract and quantitative reasoning along with the ability to explain the answer; algebraic thinking, including conceptualizing operations in base 10 and when using fractions; and application of data and geometry to solve word problems.

The nonpartisan EdReports.org website gives the 2015 edition of Go Math (Third Grade) a mixed review with regard to how well its meets expectations and aligns with common core standards for this level. A portion of the review includes the criticism that, while most of the class time involves lessons, tasks and challenges that are grade appropriate, the assessment materials focus above grade level.

Go Math also offers a website that can be accessed at home for remedial support and additional student engagement.

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