What Are Some Third-Grade Invention Ideas?

third-grade-invention-ideas Credit: mosaic36/CC-BY 2.0

When encouraging third graders to create inventions for a school project, some practical ideas include attaching lights to slippers for an automatic night light or creating a pet-hair sweeper by attaching sticky tape to an empty paper towel roll and fastening it to the bottom of a mop. Third graders can also invent a scooper to attach at the end of a rake for a two-in-one gardening solution.

Third graders can also create inventions that help with daily tasks and household annoyances by creating a toothpaste squeezer with a small panel to ensure the tube is squeezed from the bottom, a utensil sorter to simplify the task of putting away clean dishes, a book holder anchored above the faucet of a bathtub to ensure dry reading during bath time or a mealtime placemat with foam and sticky tape to ensure knives and forks stay in place.

Third graders can also design inventions to enhance play and fun, such as a snow ski roller with roller skate wheels attached to the bottom of a snowboard for easy use on a driveway during warm temperatures. An additional invention to aid with play and safety is a helmet with four layers of foam padding to further prevent injury.