How Does the Think Through Math Program Work?


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Think Through Math is a math program that utilizes a multi-step approach to teach kids essential, standards-based math skills from third grade through Algebra 1. It may be used as a tool for primary or supplemental instruction and allows teachers and administrators opportunities to track student learning.

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Initially, students complete a placement test based on their current grade level. This assessment is comprised of 10 to 25 questions, and the results are used to lay the groundwork for future instruction. Students work independently to complete lessons, with each lesson taking approximately 35 to 40 minutes to complete. There are six parts to each lesson, beginning with a pre-quiz. If students score well on the pre-quiz, they are allowed to skip ahead in the lesson. Throughout the process, kids answer warm-up questions, complete a guided learning session, answer problem-solving questions, complete practice problems and finish with a post quiz. If students need additional help, they may access a live teacher online to assist.

Within the program, there are a series of tools employed to motivate students. Each lesson's warm-up questions are in the form of a game that serves to activate prior knowledge. Students are able to customize an individual avatar, adjust their learning environments and earn badges by finishing math problems or consecutive lessons. Additionally, some tasks require students to work together; thus, they're not only competing against themselves to earn more points, but also engaging in challenges that require cooperation.

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