What Things Do Teachers Need for School?


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Some of the things that teachers need are pieces of white and colored chalk, an eraser, pencils, black and red pens, a highlighter pen, a wet-wash pad, paper clips and carbon paper. The school may provide these items or the teacher might have to get them.

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A piece of colored chalk is important for underscoring points while teaching at a blackboard. Teachers find that carrying their own erasers is crucial, especially if the class has not been assigned one. Teachers often use rubber bands to bind pieces of paper that cannot be filed together. A teacher needs some small and large paper clips to clip together tests or homework from given class periods.

The ideal pencil to have is a mechanical lead pencil because it is sharp, does not require a pencil sharpener, writes clearly, is fine and is erasable. A teacher should have a black ink ballpoint pen and a red pen. Black pens are handy for carbon copies or for a writing task that is more reproducible by a photocopier than that produced by a blue ink pen. A red pen is used to write evaluative notes on students’ homework and tests. A highlighter pen is used to highlight inadvertently omitted points in the lesson plan for review. For quick cleanups, a wet-wash pad is necessary, and carbon paper is useful to keep a record of handwritten notes to parents.

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