What Are Some Things for a Mother to Write in a Letter to Her Daughter?


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Some things a mother writes in a letter to her daughter include telling her she is loved, reminding her to love herself and that each mistake presents an opportunity to learn and grow. Also, it is important that she tell her to love her body and take care of it.

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Some wisdom a mother shares with her daughter includes letting her know that friendships come and go because people grow apart and that she should not take it personally. A mom may write to her daughter about taking responsibility for her mistakes but not dwelling on them or degrading herself. A letter also serves as a great way to encourage a daughter to believe in herself the way that her parents believe in her, whether it is in school, sports, the arts or later in life when she chooses a career and starts her own family.

A mother may also want to mention that hard work pays off in the long run and that even in difficult times, she cannot give up on what she is doing or on herself. She should understand that failures do not mean defeat, as they can teach a person important lessons. A mother can also impart to a daughter that she should never do anything for someone else if it goes against her needs or wants. According to this same principle, she should avoid trying to change others or make them what she wants them to be.

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