What Are Some Things to Include on a Letter or Plaque of Appreciation?


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Some things to include on a letter or plaque of appreciation are basic information such as the recipient's name, details about the activity or event being recognized, relevant dates or time frames that apply and the name of the company, group or organization bestowing the plaque or letter. Typically, appreciation awards also include phrasing that expresses the nature of the recognition and establishes a tone of gratitude, such as, "In honor of...," "With appreciation for..." or similar wording.

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Recognition awards usually include a recipient's full name, including any appropriate title or position, such as "M.D.," "Brigadier General" or "Councilman," for example. Achievement honors of a more official nature tend to employ formal names. More casual awards may use a shortened version or familiar nickname, such as "Ted" or "Teddy" instead of "Theodore."

Succinct information about the nature of the achievement and any applicable time periods are often included in wording that expresses gratitude. A teacher might be thanked for "service and leadership in the field of education during the 2013 to 2014 school year," an athlete lauded for "outstanding athletic achievement in the 2015 season championships" or a charity volunteer honored for "exceptional fund-raising efforts over the 2011 donor outreach period."

Information about the entity bestowing the award is usually accompanied by phrases such as, "On behalf of XYZ Company" or, "With gratitude, from XYZ Company." In other cases, information about the granting entity can appear in the heading of the award, such as, "XYZ Company honors..." or, "XYZ Company hereby presents..."

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