What Are Some Things You Can Do With the Quizlet App?


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The Quizlet app is a mobile version of Quizlet.com, so the app provides the study tools, flash cards, and games that are found on the website. All content on the site and app is user generated.

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Quizlet was founded in 2005 by a high school student. It is a platform for students to create their own study content in the form of flash cards, quizzes, and games. The mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android platforms.

To create new study sets, add terms and definitions, which can include images. There is also an auto-define feature, making it even easier. If the study set you're looking for already exists, search for it instead of creating a new one.

Using either a new study set or one found through searching, there are several study tools and games. There's flashcards. The Learn mode tracks correct and wrong answers and retests you on the ones you missed. Speller mode says the words out loud while you type in what you hear to teach the spelling of words in the study set. Test mode generates random tests based on the terms in the set. Scatter mode is a timed game to match terms with their definitions. In Space Race mode, you type in definitions while the terms come across the screen.

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