What Is ThePowerTeacher GradeBook?


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PowerTeacher GradeBook is a tool designed for teachers and administrators that allows the easy collection and tracking of student data. PowerTeacher GradeBook will store class lists, student demographics, grades, customized standards, and more. PowerTeacher GradeBook updates to PowerSchool in real time, providing immediate access to data for students and parents.

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PowerTeacher GradeBook benefits all educational stakeholders. Teachers first use PowerTeacher GradeBook to view student rosters, demographic information, and grading standards. As a school year progresses, teachers input assessment data, which can later be viewed in reports and organized by standard, by student, by assessment, or more. Here, teachers also have access to student attendance records. At the end of a reporting period, teachers can input comments for students through the PowerTeacher Gradebook system, in addition to entering manual grades when needed. Administrators can use PowerTeacher GradeBook to collect and analyze academic data for the entire institution.

Furthermore, once a teacher updates a student's academic information in PowerTeacher GradeBook, that information is immediately made available to students and parents through PowerSchool. In this way, students and parents have timely access to academic standings, areas of need, and areas of achievement. Students can monitor their own progress, and parents have the ability to stay informed and involved in their child's learning.

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