What Is the Theory Behind Bikini Bottom Genetics?


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A fan theory on the genetics of Bikini Bottom suggests that the inhabitants are the result of genetic mutation from nuclear fallout. The town is theorized to sit on the ocean floor below the Bikini Atoll test site.

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Bikini Bottom, the fictional town that acts as the setting for the Nickelodeon television show "SpongeBob SquarePants," is inhabited by a variety of anthropomorphized animals. The majority of the residents are forms of oceanic animal life such as sponges, crabs, squid, snails and fish. The exception is the character Sandy Cheeks, a human-like squirrel who lives in a pressurized dome and wears a diving suit when outside it.

The Bikini Atoll weapons tests were a series of 23 nuclear device explosions conducted the 1940s and '50s. These tests, conducted at seven test sites among the 23 islands of the archipelago, were designed to accurately determine the yield of a variety of nuclear devices. Trials were conducted in the air, underwater and on the surface of the ocean, and included the 15 megaton Castle Bravo test, the largest device ever detonated by the United States. The yield of this device far exceeded the expected output of six megatons, creating significant radioactive contamination throughout the region. A Japanese fishing boat, the Lucky Dragon 5, was downwind from the test, the crew receiving fatal doses of radiation from pulverized coral dust that rained on the craft.

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