What Is the Theocratic Ministry School?


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The Theocratic Ministry School was an educational program that the Jehovah's Witness religion operated for the purpose of improving students' ability to preach the Bible in public and in private conversation. The Theocratic Ministry School was active from 1942 until 2015.

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Theocratic Ministry School sessions usually took place in a mid-week meeting, following a Congregation Bible Study. The session opened with the school overseer's welcoming remarks; the school overseer acted as an evaluator. The overseer then invited a congregation elder or ministerial servant to give a brief sermon on a highlight from the weekly Bible reading, followed by a group discussion of other highlights.

The school's first true assignment was given to a male student, who read aloud a previously selected passage from the weekly Bible reading. Following the student's assignment, the overseer could highlight his fluency, use of hand gestures or another notable aspect of public reading. The second assignment was performed by a pair of female students, who discussed a biblical topic in a conversational setting. Following their assignment, the overseer could briefly discuss how the students displayed their teaching ability.

If the final assignment of the school was given to a pair of students, then the last assignment followed the format of the second assignment. However, if the final assignment was to a male student, he presented the topic in the form of a sermon. After concluding remarks concerning the final assignment, the overseer dismissed the school. Afterwards, the overseer provided a detailed evaluation of each assignment to the students individually.

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