What are some testable science fair projects for a younger child?


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Testable science fair projects for younger children are based on simple themes such as why plants wilt or how sunlight causes chemical changes. These projects require specific and testable questions such as, "Can static electricity make balloons sticky?"

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What are some testable science fair projects for a younger child?
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To make a science fair project based on static electricity, the child needs a balloon, wool fabric and a wall. First, the child blows up the balloon. He then tries to stick the balloon to the wall after feeling the surfaces for stickiness. After the balloon fails to stick, the child rubs it on the wool fabric and tries again. The balloon should now stick to the wall. The child rubs the balloon once more with the fabric and places it against someone's head so that it causes the hair to react. The child records the results.

Another testable science fair project for young children focuses on the question of why plants wilt. First, the child goes outside to view plants in the heat and determine if they are wilted. Next, the child places lettuce leafs in two planter boxes filled with soil. One box is placed outside in a shady location and the other is placed under the sun. The child watches to see which lettuce leaves wilt faster. The child adds water to the boxes, observes the reactions and records the results.

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