What Are Test Sheets?

What Are Test Sheets?

"Test sheets" most commonly refers to the papers on which students mark or write answers to exam questions in pre-printed spaces. The term may also refer to a page containing only test questions or a sheet that has both questions and spaces for answers on it.

Test sheets for marking answers to multiple choice questions contain columns of circles known as bubbles. Each bubble may contain the letter corresponding to a multiple choice option or the letters may appear as column headers. Students fill in the bubble corresponding to the letter of the option that correctly answers the test question.

Other sheets have a series of blanks for students to write on, such as for spelling tests.

Essay test sheets may contain instructions and essay questions, but not space for the essays. Students use other paper or test booklets to write the essays.

Test sheets containing both test questions and answer spaces include math test sheets that show arithmetic problems with space for showing the work and writing in the answers and vocabulary test sheets. These may list vocabulary words in one column and their definitions in another; students draw lines to match each word to its definition.