What Does the Term New World Order Mean?


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The term New World Order, or NWO, refers to a conspiracy theory that believes that one day a totalitarian world government will emerge after a series of political events. One of the most common themes in many conspiracy theories revolving around New World Orders is that secretive power elites with globalist agendas are conspiring to eventually conquer the world.

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According to popular conspiracy theories, this authoritarian world government plans on replacing sovereign nation-states, and the organization features an ideology that believes that the establishment of a New World Order is the culmination of history. Conspiracy theorists speculate that significant occurrences in politics and finances are orchestrated by an influential cabal that works behind-the-scenes to achieve their own agenda. There are numerous historical and current events that conspiracy theorists see as steps in an active plot to achieve world domination through decision-making progresses and secret political gatherings.

Before the 1990s, New World Order conspiracy theories were limited to two primary countercultures in America: the militantly anti-government right-wing and fundamentalist Christians concerned with the end of the world scenario in relation to the Antichrist. Skeptics have noticed that such conspiracy theories have not only been embraced by many individuals seeking stigmatized knowledge but also seeped into instances of popular culture.

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