What Does the Term "K6" Mean?


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The term "K6" may refer to a mountain located in the Charakusa Valley of Pakistan. It may also refer to a model of telephone booth used in the United Kingdom beginning in the 1930s, or a microprocessor manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices in 1997.

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The K6 mountain, also known as K6 West, is a 23,294-foot peak located in Pakistan. A summit of the mountain was first attempted by Vince Anderson, Steve House and Marko Prezelj in 2007. This team was unsuccessful, and another attempt at the climb that year was thwarted by terrorist activity in the area. K6 West was successfully climbed by Rafael Slawinski and Ian Welsted in July of 2013.

The K6 Jubilee Kiosk is a particular design of telephone booth that was commissioned by the British Post Office in 1935. At the end of the 1930s, there were approximately 20,000 of the boxes in use in the United Kingdom. As of 2015, about 2,000 of the boxes remain in place. Many were removed due to issues with vandalism and pay phones becoming increasingly obsolete.

The AMD K6 microprocessor was a 32-bit computer processor released in April 1997. The processor was comparable in performance to the Intel Pentium MMX chip. The K6 was inexpensive and became a popular choice of CPU.

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