What Does the Term "brand Name" Mean?

According to BusinessDictionary.com, a brand name is a word or words that identify not only a product, but also its manufacturer or producer. Examples of brand names include Coca-Cola, Apple, Mercedes and Sony.

Dictionary.com has three definitions for the term "brand name". A brand name describes a word, symbol or name used by a manufacturer to identify its products distinctively from others of the same type. It is also used to describe a product, line of products or a service bearing a widely known brand name. Lastly, the term brand name can be used informally to describe a person or company who is notable, famous, or well known; for example, Kleenex is the brand name of a popular facial tissue company.

The opposite of the word brand name is the word "generic," which is defined as a consumer product having no brand name or registered trademark. Generic products are commonly found in the store brands of popular grocery store items; for example Wal-Mart's store brand Equate is a generic, and Target's store brands, Up and Up and Market Pantry, are considered generics by definition. Generic products generally cost less than brand name products because very little money is spent advertising and marketing for generic products.