What Does TenMarks Education Provide?

What Does TenMarks Education Provide?

TenMarks Education is an Amazon company with an integrated approach to curriculum and instruction. TenMarks focuses on math skills from first grade to higher level math such as Algebra and Geometry.

TenMarks Education provides short assignments that cover the core concepts of the math curriculum. The practice problems are designed in a variety of ways to accommodate students with different learning styles. This approach also ensures that the students have to apply a range of problem solving skills.

The practice questions include embedded instruction consisting of three hints and video lessons. The video lessons reinforce the original instruction, while the hints break down the foundational learning into easy-to-follow steps. After students answer the questions, TenMarks Education also provides immediate feedback designed to improve performance. In fact, students get a second chance to correct their mistakes.

TenMarks Education also provides learning intervention for gaps in the student's knowledge base. The software diagnoses the root cause of misunderstood information and provides targeted instruction to close that gap in knowledge. TenMarks also provides certificates and badges. Likewise, students can earn the right to play games on the software.

For teachers, TenMarks Education provides a pre-loaded curriculum already aligned to the core math standards. The software also provides insights into students' behaviors, which allows teachers to differentiate instruction according to student needs and even re-teach core concepts. TenMarks also offers pre-made assessments aligned with the standards.